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April 21, 2010

Two huge personal victories today….one completely based on the other.

A few weeks ago I picked up some chocolate soy milk at Metro, thinking that it would be a fantastic addition to shakes now that my chocolate protein powder is sadly gone. This morning I put some of the soy milk in oatmeal thinking that I would make some delicious chocolate banana thing, but instead was horrified at the processed, chemically taste that exuded from the ruined oats. WHY is this a personal victory? Well I used to eat just about anything as long as it was low calorie and had a decent amount of protein and fiber. We’re talkin anything. I once bought calorie free chocolate sauce…..and may or may not have spent an hour one day trying to find the lowest calorie bread product in the supermarket (which had about 40 ingredients). Insane. Miraculously, however, anything processed that I’ve tried in the past few weeks just hasn’t satisfied me in the slightest and has instead completely grossed me out. Yes! Who knows if this will last when I get home but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Which leads to personal victory #2! If this isn’t a case for a natural,  vegetarian, plant based diet I don’t know what is: I definitely gained some weight in China which lead to some pretty debilitating depression. I really didn’t know why I had become so lethargic and gross feeling until I gave up all processed food and meat. Within two months of my diet change I lost a significant amount of weight and my energy skyrocketed.  HOW is this possible?? I’m amazed.

Some daily staples:

Stick a straw in it.

Young coconut water is incredible right after finishing a run. This stuff has tons of electrolytes and is super refreshing. I usually crack one open right before running, stick it in the fridge, and chug it right when I return.

After School Snack

Crunchy. Delicious. Surprisingly satisfying. Vitamins and nutrients.

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