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Skipping Town

April 26, 2010

I’m currently on a solo trip in the ancient minority village of Feng Huang, also known as Phoenix town after the mythical bird. It’s beautiful here and the train ride was what might come to mind when you think of the mystical side of China. The view from the window was captivating. Completely opposite from the industrial town that I live in which was deemed the most polluted city in all of China just a few short years ago. Anyway, turns out this town is tourist central!! But Chinese tourists, not foreign tourists which is really cool.

The town offers really cool shopping, tons of walking and endless amounts of snacks. AYYY I always thought I was a snack person but recently they’ve been making me feel like hell. I guess once you get on a set eating schedule, messing with it isn’t the best. I also usually eat raw food for at least 2 out of 3 meals these days so heavier food throughout the day is a bit difficult. Good thing I brought carrots, apples, a can of beans and some almond butter because I tried some of the street food and was not feeling so hot. Love the looks people give me when I walk down the street eating a giant carrot.

I’m in the most bizarre situation right now. Sitting in an adorable cafe overlooking the river, drinking an Americano. The waitress just convinced me to order a tiramisu which I reluctantly agreed to since I knew I’d be here for a while and got lingerer’s guilt. WHERE AM I?? This does not feel like China at all. There are tons of young couples walking around, holding hands and making out which I haven’t really seen since I’ve been in here. Hundreds of people are walking by looking confusedly at my setup, leaning over my computer to read what I’m writing and screaming the usual “HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO” a la Mrs. Doubtfire. I usually can’t stand that but today has been so relaxing and the people here are so pleasant that it’s not even phasing me. A group of five elderly gentlemen just stopped next to my table and are currently snapping pictures of me. Ridic.

MMMM Americano

Cafe Overlooking the River

Feng Huang seems to be somewhat famous for ginger candy, peanut candy, and dried kiwi….they sold it every 5 steps.  Watching them make the ginger candy and pound the peanut candy was pretty sweet. See Below!

Making Ginger Candy - Looks like Gold!

Pounding Peanut Candy

Death by Kiwi

These things completely KO’d me. I’m not good when dried fruit is around because I go way overboard. These are the snacks I was referring to that made me somewhat ill.

More pics from the town:

Down the River

Menu at a Local Restaurant

Another great thing about this weekend is that I started reading a really great and inspiring book. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Sounds kind of weird and slightly maniputlative but it’s not about tricking people into being your friends or doing what you want, it’s about the intricacies of human interactions and how people react to negativity, etc. I also listened to the entire audio book of Freakonomics. Highly recommend both.

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