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Beautiful Days

May 11, 2010

So amazing how beautiful weather seems to go along hand in hand with great days. As soon as it stops raining I really start loving life…but I suppose you need to rain to appreciate the sun, eh? Anyway, here’s why today was so great:

Woke up early to get train tickets for Beijing (for the half marathon!) and started the day off splendidly with this:

Egg White Oats with Pumpkin Butter and Blueberry Jam

I can’t believe how satisfying egg white oats are…this huge bowl was around 300 calories, had over 12 grams of protein, tons of fiber from the oats and pumpkin, AND had complex carbs, protein, fruit and veggies. Perfect start to the day. Sprinkling on some sea salt gives this bowl o’ sunshine some serious depth.

THEN had an amazing workout session with my friend here in Zhuzhou (also American), Katie. We did Level 1 AND Level 2 of The Shred. It felt SO fantastic. I never would have done both levels if she hand’t been doing it with me! I work out so much by myself that I forget how great it is when you have a workout buddy. Afterwards we had some hemp smoothies:

Post Shred Katie + Hemp Smoothie

Frozen banana, huge scoop of hemp protein, cinnamon, soy milk and some ice! Perfect recovery.

After Katie left it was time to go into mode: China. I’m never really sure whether I’m gonna love or hate China on any given day, but I’m SO thankful when it’s a “love” day. Yesterday was definitely in that category. Had a fantastic class and on my way back I found THIS right next to my apartment:

Griddled Spicy Tofu

This stuff is AMAZING!!! It was cooked on a griddle with almost no oil whatsoever and was coated in tonssss of spices and scallions. My mouth was on fire afterwards but luckily I had this to wash it down:

Iced Rasberry Tea

Are you serious??? I just realized that the tea shop near my apartment carries about a million flavors of tea. Good thing I didn’t know about this earlier or I would have spent a fortune there! This was plain ol’ rasberry tea with no milk or sugar. My Chinese isn’t very good but I sure as hell know how to say “no milk and no sugar.” =)

Peanuts and Espresso Beans

Cold n' Crispy

The apples here have been delicious recently and I’ve been downing them like it’s my job. I had three enormous apples yesterday. Is that too much? I can’t stop! The great thing is that if I have an apple after dinner I won’t want to eat anything at all until morning, but if I don’t have an apple I’m never satisfied. I ate this apple after some “trail mix” to ensure that I wouldn’t go back for more. Worked like a charm. Is there anything that you have to have everyday in order to feel satisfied?

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  1. May 11, 2010 10:35 am

    I have to have peanut butter every day! Nice work rocking the Shred. My advice with the multiple levels is to start with the harder one and work back, like 3-2-1 or whatever. I hate level one for some reason–it just seems a bit more repetitive than 2 and 3–and I get really bored, so I like doing that one last so I can be like “whatever, I am almost done anyway.” 🙂

  2. Danielle permalink
    May 12, 2010 12:29 am

    wow, you live in China?? Talk about culture shock lol. I’ve heard there’s no bread over there (gahh) but there’s other awesome stuff to try 😀

    Something I need everyday: Chocolate. It’s def. a necessity 😉

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