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Fruit Discoveries Part I

May 12, 2010

I visit the fruit stand down the hill from my apartment at least once a day. It’s probably one of my favorite things in China and the best part is that it’s seasonal! Random fruits pop up all the time and experimenting with them has been so cool! Yesterday I picked up some of these:

What are they??

I had no idea what would be inside of these but I was VERY pleasantly surprised. The bigger ones turned out to be Mangosteens and the smaller ones are Lychees. I can’t even believe how much flavor these things packed.

Mangosteens and Lychees, Peeled

Makes me feel a little crazy when I only recognize something after it’s been prepared for me. Not only is the fruit stand convenient and cheap, now it’s educational. Woo!

Backtracking to breakfast: Egg white oats with cinnamon and banana soft serve! Hot + Cold!

Egg White Oats with Banana Soft Serve

After breakfast, things got interesting. I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a Chinese wedding…not because I’m best friends with the couple, but because I’m a foreigner. Bizarre! In a nutshell: Had to hand out candy to over 500 guests as they arrived (my friend Ted had to hand out cigarettes, somewhere around 150 were taken =0), tossed flowers over the brides head as she walked down the aisle, handed over the groom’s ring during the ceremony, then sat down to a typical Chinese lunch.

Meat Meat Oil Meat

Pig joke

A woman at the table pointed out that there was steamed taro in between the slices of pork fat and tried to get me to eat it. Is taro soaked in pig fat still vegetarian? I didn’t think so either =).

Bullfrog and Peppers

I ended up eating the peppers out of this dish. I felt slightly awkward since the other people at the table thought that I didn’t like the food or was anorexic or something, but at least I debunked the myth that most Americans don’t like spicy food!

For dinner I made something fresh and simple so that I could make it through a nighttime P90X yoga session without feeling sluggish.

Egg Whites, Scallions and Cabbage

Egg White Omelet with Scallions, Cabbage and an Apple

Doesn’t it look like a taco??? I discovered some green tea that I had chillin’ in the fridge so I blended it up with a fresh mango…definitely needed some sort of sweetener since the mango was a little “blah” but it was still nice and refreshing!

Mango Green Tea


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  1. May 12, 2010 8:37 am

    Love litchis. I have found them here a couple of times but it is pretty rare. Last time was at the South African border. They don’t grow in Mozambique. Good luck with the half, you will rock it!

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