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Dreams and Plans

May 18, 2010

I woke up this morning after a totally weirdo food dream. I was at a really nice dinner with two of my good friends, and instead of eating something normal I had three pieces of cake for my meal. They were pretty interesting cakes too: cream and figs, chocolate cherry marzipan and peach. HOW did I remember that? I have issues. Anyway, I remember it being delicious, but what I remember most about the dream was the food guilt and the awful feeling in my stomach. When I opened my eyes I was SO happy that it was only a dream. This is definitely not the craziest food dream I’ve ever had, but it certainly got me thinking about what goes on in the back of my head.

Why were you in my dream????

Random: the cake picture that I liked the best on (google image search) ended up being from a true/slant article by Jenna of Eat, Live, Run, which I read all the time. Crazy!

Anyway, I had planned on making bean burgers and eggs for breakfast because I’m having some people over for pancakes and banana soft serve at my apartment tonight, but apparently I’ve been reading so many food blogs recently that I’m programed to want some sort of oats/banana/nut butter combo in the AM. However, I’m kind of obsessive about having symmetry to my food throughout the day (balance!), as in nothing twice, not too much carb loading, not too much fruit, etc. I decided my best bet was to just throw things from the fridge in a blender and figure it out as I went….MAN I wish I could buy Greek yogurt here.

Random stuff from the fridge smoothie

A reluctant half frozen banana (since I’m making banana soft serve tonight), the seeds/stringy stuff that I had scooped out and saved from a pumpkin, drop of honey, cup of soymilk….slices of apple?? It was good and definitely healthy, but I think from now on I need to stick to a plan…

What’s the weirdest food dream you’ve ever had? Do you usually have breakfast plans set up or do you just wing it every day?

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