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May 25, 2010

The whole reason I started this blog was to challenge myself to think of creative things to make with things found in a Chinese grocery store (or infrequently, the ex pat store) that are not Chinese food. Of course when I return home it will be more about healthy concoctions, restaurants, photos and things in NYC, but for now I’m just trying to be somewhat creative.

Recently I’ve been looking up a lot of bean recipes and have been massively inspired by all of the BEAN filled pastries that are out there (black bean brownies??). Seems like you can make beans into anything! Thankfully they DO sell dried beans in every grocery store here, and since I don’t have an oven or cocoa powder to make brownies, I decided to see just how easy and delicious some bean burgers could be. What did I find out? Extremely delicious not to mention fast! Well…once you soak the beans overnight and then boil them in water for 1-2 hours =).

Buffalo Bean Patties n' Peppers

Buffalo Bean Burger, Roasted Peppers and Corn

Buffalo Bean Jucy/Juicy Lucy!

For the patties: 1 c kidney beans (soaked and cooked), 1 tbsp flour, garlic powder, s&p,  and HOT SAUCE!!

Luckily I still had some Monterey Jack from the ex pat store and was able to make a JUCY LUCY (cheese on the inside)!!! Some say it’s spelled Jucy, some it’s Juicy. I have no idea! This “burger” served along side fresh corn on the cob and roasted red peppers (stove top roasted) made me feel like I was enjoying a fantastic summer barbecue. What made it even better? It didn’t rain all day and it was actually hot out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!

Tonight I wanted to give the burgers  another go, but instead of buffalo style I wanted to use bell peppers IN the burger and make a more Mediterranean tasting dish. I don’t know why I think of roasted peppers as Mediterranean…maybe because they go so well with hummus? Either way the idea worked in my mind. I threw everything in a blender (roasted peppers, 1 c beans, flour, dried onions, garlic powder, s&p) and what I ended up with  was NOT bean burger fixings, but a perfectly wonderful red pepper/bean dip.

Into the blender

Mmm...This won't work for a burger

I could have added more flour but I was pleasantly surprised with the idea of having DIP.  Obviously I didn’t have something perfect like pita to go with it, or chips for that matter, but luckily I spotted a lone potato sitting randomly above my pots and pans.

The outcome:

Roasted Red Pepper/Bean Dip, Rosemary Potatoes and Corn

ANOTHER summery dish!!! I think this was the first time I’ve messed something up and turned it into something that I loved. I feel all grown up. BEAN LOVE!!

In other news, a friend of mine just introduced me to CrossFit. I’m thinking about trying it out since my knee won’t let me run anymore. Apparently there are CrossFit gyms popping up all over the place where you do exercises and sort of compete in a social and therefore motivating setting. Sounds amazing!!

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  1. May 25, 2010 10:53 am

    Looks great! I made these for the first time pretty recently and while they were yummy, they were MUCH less photogenic than yours are : ) thought about posting, but I didn´t want to make anyone lose their appetite.

  2. Lorraine permalink
    May 25, 2010 7:05 pm

    hey! your blog is amazing! can’t wait to see you chica. and you already know i’m going to have you make a bunch of these recipes all over again for me =)

  3. traynharder23 permalink
    June 7, 2010 11:01 am

    crossfit is awesome. that is all. =D

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