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Making Strides

May 28, 2010

OK… I got a little self conscious last night after watching the new episode of How I Met Your Mother when Marshall claimed that blogging was cool, like 8 years ago. Dammit. Whatever. So I stay up till 2 AM reading blogs and write one myself, no biggie. I THINK IT’S COOL.

I guess interneting last night until 2 AM was OK since I was also G Chatting and catching up with friends at home/distracting them at work =). I also found some really great new blogs that I’m now obsessed with. Hooray!

One of the finds from last night: an Oatmeal Cookie Shake which I made immediately upon waking up. Happy Herbivore (Lindsay) is so amazing..I can’t wait until her book comes out!!

Oatmeal Cookie Shake

I started off with just 1/5 bananas, 1/4 cup of oats, 1/4 c soymilk and cinnamon, but after I took a photo I decided that I wouldn’t be satisfied. So I beefed it up a little with extra banana and oats. Should have just stuck to the original recipe! Bananas have  officially taken over my life.


This completely held me over through 4 ridiculous classes where my students were writing group dialogues for their final exam in my class. “SARAH! Can I talk about Lady Gaga??” “SARAH!! Do you have a boyfriend?” “SARAH!! HE IS A SHE HE IS A SHE (while pointing to another boy in the class)!!” Me: “…………….” Even though they can be nuts sometimes, I love letting the students do work on their own because they never fail to impress me with their creativity. Can’t wait to see these little “skits” next week!

After school I came home and decided to finally use the spinach linguine that I bought at the import store like 2 months ago. This decision led to a huge personal breakthrough. You know when you first start cooking with recipes and wonder, “how do these people magically know what ingredients to use and how they should come together??” I guess it all comes with experience because last night, after months of cooking from scratch, for the first time ever, I actually came up with an idea without a recipe and it totally  worked!!!

3 months ago I NEVER would have thought that I would be able to make interesting things in China. I went from seeing the grocery store as a crazy box filled with dried ducks and pigs feet to a land of opportunity. With a little help from the land of imports…..=)

Spinach Linguine with Peas

Since I’ve been obsessed with making tofu recently, I griddled up a few chunks and spiced it with S&P and garlic, threw it on top of the pasta with fresh green peas, and then tried my hand at making ALFREDO sauce out of….soy milk!

Soy milk alfredo?

Although Alfredo purists would probably stone me to death, I LOVED IT!! I just boiled the soy milk (freshly made at a soy milk shop near my apt), let it reduce a bit, added garlic powder, LOTS of salt, LOTS of pepper, and then let it simmer until the consistency seemed like it would work. I’m sure this has been done many times before, but I was so excited about this that I ended up eating…..all of it…..VEGAN CHICKEN (tofu) ALFREDO!

Vegan Alfredo


TIME FOR P90X ABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still can’t run. Slightly worried. Lots of ice.

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