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Key to Sleep and Life in China

June 1, 2010

Last night I discovered the key to a peaceful night’s rest: Leave my computer in the other room. It sounds so simple, so sensible, yet every night I feel the need to bring my computer in to bed with me to chat, watch a movie, etc. Perhaps something is missing in my life…*cough* ANYWAY! The point is….last night’s sleep was epic.

I woke up to a functioning blender and made an awesome pumpkin banana raisin cinnamon oat smoothie. Yeah, that’s the official name.


2 small frozen bananas, huge scoop of pumpkin, handful of raisins, dash of cinnamon and oats on top. LOVE putting raw oats on top of smoothies and then mixing it in.

After breakfast I decided to walk to school which takes about an hour. I walk pretty briskly so I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 3.5 miles? I really have no idea but I should figure it out somehow. Got to class somewhat sweaty and ready for more final exam skits! YAY! The funniest realization from these skits has been that my students pretend like they know what a girlfriend or boyfriend is, but they definitely do not. Every time I say either word in class they kind of flip out, yet when THEY talk they use it in a friend that is a boy or girl kind of way. Anyway, apparently about 5 of the boys in my class have boyfriends/they copied the example skit that I made up =)

And now….


Carrots, Unpeeled

What you see here is probably what I get most of my weird looks for. Eating raw carrots. Chinese people NEVER eat raw vegetables (save for cucumbers sometimes) and they think it’s the craziest thing ever that I eat raw carrots like a rabbit. Gasps, “huhs,” “what are you doing???,” laughs, pointing, and crazy eyes are pretty much the norm. If they only knew what I thought of their crazy habits: hawking loogies, driving motorcycles on the sidewalk, eating chicken feet, etc. Culture is a crazy thing.

Corn on the cob

OK I’ll admit it, I’m a grazer. Lunch for me is usually pretty non existent, mostly because I live in a country with no salads, no bread for sandwiches and weirdo chemically yogurts. While that is changing VERY soon, I’m still in mode: snack attack. You can find corn on the cob anywhere in China. Seriously, it’s all over the place. And yes, it is eaten out of a bag (see picture) and held like a turkey leg. Sometimes I see women munch on one, and then put it back in their purse for later. It’s not great corn on the cob because it sits in the steamer FOREVER. Think chewy and kind of bland. But for street food it’s some of the healthiest around. I get weirdo looks for eating this too: “You like what we like???”

Apple and loads of PB

Apple and PB along with the carrots and corn make up my usual school day lunch (TWR). Super weird, yes, but it’s convenient, portable, completely satisfies my snacking needs and is healthy….except for when I also have one of these:

"Bitter Coffee" Ice Cream Bar

I have no idea what these are made of slash have no idea how bad they are for me, but I figure they’re literally the only non whole food item that I eat here in China…every so often won’t kill me. Speaking of ice cream…time for Insanity =O.

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  1. June 1, 2010 10:20 am

    How did you get Insanity?? I have a bunch of DVDs out here but am DYING to try Insanity. I wish I could have it mail ordered out here!!!

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