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Using Some Chinese Ingredients

June 3, 2010

Truth be told there are some pretty sweet Chinese ingredients out there. Maybe they all aren’t “Chinese” but they are commonly found in Chinese cuisine: Sesame seeds/oil, Goji berries, Red beans, Bok Choy, etc. On a whim I ended up adding some of these ingredients to a few recent breakfasts. Here’s what happened.

Trial #1: Sesame Peanut Oats

Inspired by:

Chinese Sesame Peanut Brittle


Egg White Oats with PB and Sesame Seeds

Ehhhhhhhhhhh it was ok. I think next time I would do it with whipped banana instead of egg whites. I’ve come to a realization though…oats and pb…not my thing. Don’t hate me?

THERE IS A BABY COCKROACH FLYING AROUND MY ROOM. I heard if you smash cockroaches they spread eggs everywhere. Is that true? Dammit.

Ok continuing on….Trial #2: Goji Berry Oat Pancake

Inspired by: The insanely cheap goji berries at the grocery store


Goji Berry Oat Pancake

Covered in mashed banana

This was pretty good! Despite the fact that the berries burned a bit. I puffed the goji berries first in some hot water so they wouldn’t be too bitter (they sweeten up if you warm them). Nothing too special, but a good way to down some nutritious goji berries.

SERIOUSLY THERE IS ANOTHER, DIFFERENT GIANT BUG FLYING AROUND MY ROOM. Warm weather = bug city. How do they get in here??

OK, trial #3: Red Beans and Banana Soft Serve

Inspired by:

Red Bean Ice Cream


Banana Soft Serve with Red Beans

So good!! They kind of tasted like chocolate chips. Not REALLY, but kind of =). Next time I’m going to try blending them in.

I just completely demolished one of my dresser doors, but I got one of the flying insects. I’m sorry if I’m an animal killer, but it had to be done. It was starting to fight back and I got scared, no joke. Now I wonder where the baby cockroach went….dun Dun DUNNNNNN.

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  1. June 4, 2010 2:23 am

    Love this!! So creative. I need to try to get creative with some mozambican ingredients now… hmmm, oil, white rice, corn flour. I´m gonna get crazy!!!! 🙂

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