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Shao Kao

June 6, 2010

To make up for not having a Memorial Day BBQ, and to celebrate another birthday, a few people in the big city in my province decided to host a barbecue! Hooray!

The barbecue area was in the middle of a really nice park, and apparently it’s a very popular thing to do on a beautiful day. China ❤ BBQ.

Tons of people

SO many people were there!! Lots of Shao Kao (Chinese street barbecue), LOTS of beer and lots of plastered people. This picture was taken before the drunken singing began, when they Chinese people totally showed us up in being organized and getting their grill on quickly.

Chinese people:

They know what's up


What's going on?

It was a slow start but eventually our grilling was amazing!! I say “our,” but really I was doing nothing but eating chips (UGHH processed foods are so ADDICTING DAMMIT) and taking pictures…I take zero credit for the food. However, I DID cut the onions for the burgers and was very pleased that I didn’t get onion eyes.

Burgers and Kebabs

Instead of Shao Kao stuff (lots of meat on a stick and veggies on a stick with Chinese spices) we kept things closer to home with burgers and kebabs. The burgers were imported from Australia and apparently grass fed! Everyone was very very pleased….

Burger love

Yeah, that was eaten a la Lady and the Tramp. At first I was saddened by all the meatiness and the lack of eating that I was doing, but soon enough a veggie grill got started. Woo!!

Potatoes and Peppers

Eggplant and Tofu

GRILLED TOFU IS SO GOOD!!! It was covered in chili powder and cumin.

Tofu on a stick

Mmmm….soy bean-y. This is something that would fall into the Shao Kao category but I went a little easier on the oil than street vendors normally would.

Barbecue turned into carnival time (there is also a fair type situation in the park) but I don’t have any photos!!! Let’s just say there were bumper cars, go carts and roller coasters involved. Then carnival time turned into power hour time, then bar time, then club time. Unfortunately for me (or fortunately for my wasitline) I’m not a big beer drinker. Especially when all of the beer here is like weird water. So after a very long and  sober night, I woke up the next morning and hopped on a bus to go back home.

Question: Why am I trained to want food/snacks whenever I get on any sort of moving vehicle? Does that happen to everyone??  Busses, trains, planes, boats, whatever, my mind automatically  goes into mode: find something to eat. Why is this??? So to keep up with tradition I bought some dried kiwi and pumpkin seeds at the snack shop which has everything under the sun when it comes to nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

Dried Kiwi

MMMm chewy….The only problem was that for some reason these made my heart start racing. Weird!! I wish I could read the ingredients, or maybe I shouldn’t eat so many next time…..

Pumpkin Seeds

"Series high foodstuff choiceness raw material produced METICULOUS"

2 more weeks till home!!

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  1. June 7, 2010 4:00 am

    So much fun!!! I love weirdly mixed American traditions in foreign places… does that make sense? And I always want snacks when traveling, too.

    Home in two weeks… is that home for good?? How are you feeling??

    • June 7, 2010 8:18 am

      Hahaha completely makes sense! And always such a blast. YES home for good, in two weeks. I’m so excited….nervous….stressed…..excited again…needless to say I can’t quite wrap my mind around it.

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