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Protein-errific Day

June 11, 2010

After my inspiration to eat a lot more protein struck yesterday, I’ve started meal planning off with: What kind of protein will I eat and how can I eat a lot of it? This question reminds me of my meat loving days, but I guess it works for non-meat eaters as well! Funny to think that before I came to China my favorite meal was a bloody steak with eggs on top.

To start off the day I made an oat pancake but made a half batch (which was still huge), added hemp protein, added some half-way made PB and then ate 3 eggstra egg whites on the side….sorry about that horrible corniness.

AWESOME breakfast

Pancake: 1/4 c oats, 1 egg white, lots of cinnamon, 1 tbsp hemp protein, kabocha blob. Mixed and made normal pancake style!  Topped with chopped frozen banana and halfway made PB –> NORMALLY this would be banana soft serve and finished PB….but my blender officially broke this morning. I didn’t realize until smoke was filling my kitchen…sad!!! That’s three blenders I’ve been through this year…..dreaming of the day when I can buy myself a Vita-Mix. UGH!

I supplemented this awesome pancake with a side of 3 egg whites and more cinnamon dusted kabocha (needed to finish it). I deem this a perfect breakfast…protein success!

Baisc nutritional stats (approx) : Calories (400) Protein (24.5) Fiber (7.5) Fat (8-9)

Breakfast was followed by some weight training (all supersets with 10 lbs):

3 sets of tricep kickbacks (15), 3 sets of overhead tricep pulls (10)

3 sets of chest press (15), 3 sets of chest fly (10)

3 sets of bent over rows (15), 3 sets of bicep curls (15)

3 sets of bicep crossovers (10), 3 sets of shoulder presses (15)

50 basic crunches, 10 reverse crunches, 10 leg lifts, 30 bicycles, and 20 of something I have no idea how to describe (x2).

YAY! I’m hoping that I’m nice and sore tomorrow. The only problem is I’m not totally sure what to eat these days after working out since my options are kind of limited. I had an apple after my workout but I feel like I should have something better (would love to have a fantastic shake!). Might have to wait until I get home to figure that out….10 days!

Wow, I had a seriously stressful morning =)….breakfast, work out….post-work out hair wash/massage/blowout….awesome lunch:

Bean Town

Protein base was beans, made into kabocha curry bean burgers (the last of my kabocha).

1 c beans (mixture of kidney and black eyed peas), 1 T bread crumbs, 1/2 cup steamed kabocha, 1 T curry powder, S&P. Mashed up and cooked on a pan for 3 mins each side. With steamed broccoli!

In a perfect world I would have added: sliced avocado, maybe some nutritional yeast flakes, and/or some sort of awesome yogurty dressing. Just some thoughts =)

Basic nutritional stats (approx): Calories (275) Protein (16.4) Fiber (14.6) Fat (2)

I guess this could use more protein…but I didn’t want to overdo it on tofu and egg whites since I already had egg whites and plan on tofu for dinner. Ayyyyy can’t wait for American grocery store heaven!

Plus an awesomely humongous iced green tea:

Iced Green tea

I guess I should teach a few classes now……

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