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Process This

November 2, 2010

It’s an incredibly frightening truth that the majority of what Americans eat these days are highly processed. Below is a cool excerpt of an article posted on Marion Nestle’s blog calling attention to the fact that eating processed food is terrible for one’s health and is a leading factor in obesity and disease.

Next time you sit down for a meal try to think about how much of what you’re eating is REAL food, and how much has been messed with beyond all recognition. It could change your life.

The food movement’s new frontier: “ultra-processing”

I love this part: The editorial argues that nutritionists’ focus on nutrients, rather than foods, has led to the assumption that if foods contain the same nutrients, they are the same—even though it is never possible to replicate the nutritional content of foods because too much about their chemical composition is still unknown.

Food created to resemble food is not what we should be living on! I know it’s difficult to eat what we should be eating considering how f’d up our access to proper food is, but with a little effort it’s possible and sosososososo worth it.

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