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November 4, 2010

Long Distance Running: Great for your body, soul, endurance, and overall health and happiness? Or unnatural, knee destroying waste of time? This topic is hugely debated but let me throw in what is sure to be first installment of many on my two cents.

I haven’t run more than 3 full miles at one time since I hobbled past the finish line at a half-marathon in China, back in May. After 13.1 miles, a few of which were downhill stone steps, my knee completely blew out and I have yet to recover. While I didn’t initially swear off running, I was unable to run more than 100 meters for at least a month after the race, and now continue feel pain once I hit mile 2.5. Over the past 5 months my brain decided that long distance running is, in fact, completely unnatural  and only contributes to major joint problems down the line, but today I read an article that contested that thought.

Read me!

Hmmm…Maybe I should go back to why I started running in the first place: camaraderie, exploring new areas, an activity with friends that doesn’t involve eating out/drinking, etc., instead of focusing on the exercise aspect.

ALSO: watch out for the tidbit on why, yes, humans SHOULD eat meat (hormone free, grass fed, vegetarian fed, free range, non-commercial, etc.). Our ancestors ate meat millions of years ago and it is what helped us to become strong and powerful and super brainy. People who are vegetarian solely based on the fact that meat is unhealthy and contributes to diseases are looking at the issue entirely wrong (IMO). I’m not talking about people who are morally against killing animals for food, btw, totally different. Our ancestors didn’t eat industrialized and super processed meat, they ate what they hunted! Of course weirdo meat is going to do weirdo things to your body and the environment. But good, healthy, humanely raised and not to mention WAY more delicious meat deserves an A+.

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